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Bangial Sharif

Bangial, Big and Modern village in Kharian Tehsil, Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan,South Asian Region.

The Bangial are a tribe of Rajputs found principally in the Potohar region of Punjab, Pakistan. They also to be a found in the Jhelum, Gujrat and Gujranwala districts of the Punjab.


Most of the people are farmers by profession. More than a quarter of population are settled in USA, Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, UK, Norway, Denmark,UAE and Saudi Arabia. People abroad are supporting financially their families and relatives in the village.
The big buildings of Bangial is a big proof of this rich village. Most of the facilities available in the village. There is no problem for the transport. Bangial is also famous because of its games and study. The major cast of this population is Jatt but a lots of other casts who are affiliated with the work of these farmers (Jatts) also setteled down here. Monopoly of the Jatt tribe is still there because of the ownership of fertile land. In order to determine the specification, this village produced a lots of famous names in various aspects of life. Ch Mohammad Sarwar Mehar and his son Ch Mohammad Zaman Mehar are well known polititions. The educated people of this village are doing their best in Teaching, Medical, Engineering and Media sector.
Haji Abdul Majeed (late) his elder brother Munshi Mohammad Shareef (late) who were the best teachers and poets also; their families are well known as highly educated people and contain a lots of officers, engineers, doctors and teacher.
Ch Inayat Ullah, Dr. Ch. Abead Ullah, Ch Ata Ullah (MA. M.Ed) Doc Musaddaq Inayat (USA) Ch Abrar Inayat (Chemical Engineer), Ch Farrukh Inayat (Petrolium Engineer), CH Ehtesham ul Haq (Electrical Engineer) and Tahir Abead Chaudhary a Radio Presenter, DJ, VJ, News Caster and Poet, also belong to this family. Ch Tahir Abead Taaj is a well known media personality across the world.

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